The Beach Soccer Championships


2007 was the kickoff year for The Beach Soccer Championships which is the  amateur & youth side of our event.  In our inaugural year, we hosted 152 teams on 15 courts (fields). By 2010, we reached our capacity of 28  courts, doubling the number of teams hosted annually...and we have sold  the event out each year since! Staying true to the reasons our company  formed, we deliver to California a festival with soccer, music and LOTS OF FUN UNDER THE SUN! Our event represents the start of the summer soccer season in Southern California and provides a fresh break away  from traditional soccer environments. We add entertainment and PRO games  to create the perfect California beach party to kick the summer. All while raising and donating over $15,000 dollars annually to our local youth programs! 

The Beach Soccer USA Cup

2007 was  also the kickoff of our PRO event which takes place side by side with  our amateur event. In our first year we hosted 4 PRO teams from  California, in the years between, the PRO event grew to 16 PRO teams  hosting U.S. based and international teams from the following nations:  Mexico, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, UAE, Brazil, Colombia,  Canada, Peru, Senegal, Japan, Tahiti and Switzerland.  The Beach Soccer USA Cup has been ranked among the top 3 beach soccer club  events in the world. Highlights include three-time champions CD Nacional  (Portugal) who won in 2012, 2013 & 2014. Vasco de Gama (Brazil)  defeating FC Barcelona (Spain) 5-4 in the Quarterfinals before losing to  BSC Chargers (Switzerland) winning the 2015 championship. In 2016 our  Champion was Al Ahli (UAE, Dubai), individual honors went out to  Portugese International Madjer (Al Ahli) as the MVP (World Cup  Champion), Top Scorer Rodrigo (Brazil) & Top Goal Keeper Marquino  (Brazil). Brazilian club Botafogo took 2nd place, Lazio (Italy) took 3rd  place & RWB Beach (USA National Team) took 4th place. In the 2017  Final, another historic Brazilian club, Fortaleza defeated  GoBeachSoccer, a team filled with locally based US National Team players  including Mike Palmerin, Nick Perrera and Chris Toth.  

The Beach Soccer U.S. Pro Cup

The Beach Soccer USA Cup was replaced in 2018 by Beach Soccer U.S. Pro Cup.  GoBeachSoccer rebounded from their 2nd place showing in 2017 to win the 2018 pro event.  The GoBeachSoccer roster again featured a team loaded with talent including Golden Boot winner Perrera & Toth, who won the Golden Gloves award as the tournament's top goalkeeper.  Along with Palmerin and Brazlian International Thiago Henrique, GoBeach put on quite a show!