Event Rules


BeSoCha Event Rules 

FIFA Laws of the Game



Life Thru Sports, the Tournament Committee, or any sponsors of the tournament shall not be

responsible for expenses incurred by a team or club if tournament is canceled in whole or in part. All

decisions of the referee are final and binding. The Tournament reserves the right to decide on all

matters relative to the tournament and all decisions are final. NO PROTESTS ARE ALLOWED.

In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee may reschedule a match, change

division structure, reduce match duration or cancel a match.


A minimum of three (3) female players shall be included on each coed team roster, two (2) of which

shall be on the field at all times during the match. Players must be listed on the roster submitted

at registration to be eligible to play; no additions are permitted for injuries, late arrivals,

other commitments, etc. A player may not compete on more than one team except that a player in

an Adult bracket ONLY, may play on more than one team but no special scheduling considerations will

be made. Players must be born during or after the year indicated by the oldest age group in their

division based on Cal-South 2009-10 age groups.

Start of Play

Coaches shall ensure that all players are on the field a minimum of 30 minutes before a scheduled

match. A team which cannot field four (4) players within 5 minutes after the scheduled start time

shall forfeit the match. The team forfeiting shall be declared the loser by a score of 3 goals to none.

Tournament Standings




NOTE: Each Team will be deducted 1 Pt for every player and/or Coach Red Card received

Total points ties will be resolved by the following tie-breakers, in order:

1. Head to Head of two teams tied where applicable (disregard if more than two teams tied)

2. Team with the least goals allowed

3. Team with the highest goal differential (up to a five goal margin of victory per game will be counted

toward the differential)

 Explanation of Goal differential:

o Team scores 6 goals in a tournament and has 3 scored against, the teams goal

difference would be plus 3.

 Examples of Beach Soccer Championships Tie Breaker:

o 5-1 win = +4 differential

o 6-1 win = +5 differential

o 7-1 win = +5 differential

4. If still tied, both teams will proceed to an available field at Field Marshall's discretion and determine

winner by kicks from the imaginary mark (see below format).

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Email: Info@BeachSoccerUSA.org | www.BeachSoccerUSA.org

Tournament Overtime

Ties in preliminary games will remain a tie. For quarter-final, semi-final and final matches, ties will be

resolved in the following order:

 One 3-minute “golden goal” overtime in which the winner shall be the first team to score a


 2. Penalty Kicks Shootout. First round to consist of five players from each team kicking. Teams

must equate on PKs. (i.e., if team A has 10 players and team B has 9 players, team A must

equate to 9 players). The captain will announce to the referee who is declared ineligible to take

the PKs in accordance with the equate rule described above.

A minimum of one female player must kick in the first round of all Coed divisions. If tied after

first round, kicks shall be taken one for one. Players cannot repeat until all eligible players have



Forfeits cause gross inconvenience to opponents and disruptions of schedule. Accordingly, forfeiting

teams will be precluded from competition in semifinal and final matches, unless specifically authorized

by the Tournament Director or Administrator under only most unique and/or emergency

circumstances. ADULT TEAMS ONLY contemplating the use of players on more than one team must

understand that it is possible both teams may be in action at the same time. Special scheduling

considerations for players on more than one team are not possible.

All forfeits shall be scored as a 3-0 loss against the forfeiting team

A team forfeiting a game shall have ALL GAMES recorded as a 3-0 loss against them, including games

already played.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify this rule in case of forfeits for reasons they

deem beyond the team’s control. The Committee’s decision will be final. 

Modifications to the Beach Soccer Laws of the Game

The tournament will be played using the FIFA Beach Soccer Laws of the Game 2008 with the following


Law 2 – Ball

U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12—Size FOUR

All other age groups—Size FIVE

Law 3 – Players

Youth, Co-Ed, and Adult Divisions– Both teams must have a minimum of FOUR players on the field to

start the match.

Co-Ed Division – Roster must list Three Female Players. Two Female Players on the field at all times. If

no female is available due to injury or send-off, the team shall play down a player.

Law 7 – Duration of the Match

Youth, Co-Ed, and Adult Divisions– The match lasts three equal periods of 11 minutes each. There will

be a Running Clock. Game must be finished five minutes prior to the next game.

Pro Division – Regulation FIFA durations: three equal periods of 12 minutes each.

Law 11 – Fouls and Misconduct

Youth, Co-Ed, Adult and Pro Division – Regulation FIFA Beach Soccer LOTG

Law 18 – Procedures to determine the winner of a match

ALL Divisions—

 Ties are allowed on bracket games.

 Ties are NOT allowed on quarter, semi, and final games.

Tie Breaking for quarter, semi, and final games

 All Divisions—Ties will be broken using FIFA Beach Soccer LOTG 2008.

 Extra Time of 3 minutes

 If still tied after Extra Time, the winner will be decided by Kicks from the imaginary penalty

mark. It is Sudden Victory from the first pair of kickers. EXCEPTION: Co-Ed Division—A

minimum of one female player must kick in the first three sets of kickers.

Reducing to equate during kicks:

Youth, Co-Ed and Adult Divisions—both teams shall reduce to equate their roster of eligible players

and substitutes as per the Law 18.

Pro Divisions— shall follow Law 18 explicitly. A maximum of ten players may participate. 


Law 3 – Players

INURIES: When a players needs to remove sand from his eyes or body, he may be provided water

without having to leave the pitch.

Law 7 — Duration of the Match

Law 11 – Fouls and Misconduct

Youth, Co-Ed, Adult and Pro Division – Regulation FIFA Beach Soccer LOTG

Scissors kick is allowed, provided no opponent is struck in the process. If a player prevents an

opponent from carrying out a scissors kick—even if stuck in the process—he shall be punished with a

direct free kick to be taken at the spot of the foul.


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