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The Beach Soccer USA Cup

The Beach Soccer USA Cup is a professional international beach soccer tournament that hosts teams from all over the world.  This international tournament has cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place.  Entry fee into the PRO event is $699 USD, In 2017, the cash prizes are as follows:

  1. 1st place = $10,000 USD
  2. 2nd place = $5,000 USD
  3. 3rd place = $3,000 USD
  4. 4th place = $2,000 USD
The Beach Soccer USA Cup - Event Rules

The games take place in the Beach Soccer Stadium located within The Beach Soccer Championships. The Beach Soccer Stadium has a capacity of 1,800 seated spectators plus an additional 600 standing spectators.  The tournament is ranked among the top Professional beach soccer tournaments in the USA & has built a reputation of attracting the elite beach soccer teams from the USA & around the world.

The Beach Soccer USA Cup has hosted teams from the following nations: Senegal, Japan, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Tahiti, Netherlands, Brazil, Peru, United Arab Emirates and Italy. Access to the Beach Soccer Stadium is FREE to the public, come sit down & enjoy some of the best Beach Soccer in the USA right here in your own back yard.  This year the event will be held on: Oceanside, CA. on May 19-20-21, 2017.

TOURNAMENT HISTORY (2007 to Present)

2017 Announcements - The Beach Soccer USA Cup 
  1. Beach Soccer Zeeland (Netherlands)
  2. Portland BSC (Oregon, USA)
  3. Great Lakes BS (Michigan, USA)
  4. Botafogo (Brazil)
  5. BS Brussels (Belgium)
  6. Gobeachsoccer (California, USA)

2016 - We have a new Champion, the 2016 Title of The Beach Soccer USA Cup belongs now to Al Ahli from Dubai, UAE. This dynamic team earned their victory over Brazilian powerhouse Botafogo on a hard fought 2-1 game in Oceanside. Al Ahli arrived to the Championship game following victories over Portland BSC 14-1, Beach Soccer Zeeland 7-2, Botafogo 5-3, Gobeachsoccer 5-3, Lazio Beach Socccer 6-5 and over Botafogo again 2-1 in the Final.

Al Ahli's Joao Saraiva (Madjer) was named MVP, Botafogo's Marcos Antonio Santos was named Golden Gloves & Al Ahli's Rodrigo Soares was named Golden Toe with 17 total goals.

2016 Final Standings 
  1. Al Ahli CBS (Dubai, UAE)
  2. Botafogo (Brazil)
  3. Lazio Beach Soccer (Italy)
  4. RWB Beach (California)
  5. BSC Chargers (Switzerland)
  6. Culture FC (California)
  7. Dorsole Kitakyushu (Japan)
  8. Gobeachsoccer PRO (California)
  9. Tiki Tama BeachSoccer (Tahiti)
  10. Punta Hermosa BSC (Peru)
  11. Fusion (Japan)
  12. BS Zeeland (Netherlands)
  13. NorCal BSC (California)
  14. Antioquia BSC (Colombia)
  15. Great Lakes BS (Michigan)
  16. Portland BSC (Oregon)

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2015 - BSC Chargers wins their first championship in USA soil after defeating Culture FC 3-2 with 20 seconds left in regulation. BSC Chargers had a tough road to the Championship, they defeated Colosseum Roma 5-2 in the quarterfinals and they defeated CD Nacional 5-2 in the Semi-finals putting an end to CD Nacional's quest for a 4th consecutive championship at The Beach Soccer USA Cup.

Culture FC's Paulo Gil was named MVP, BSC Charger's Victor Wheller was named Golden Gloves & Tokyo Lequio's Goto Takasuke was named Golden Toe with 15 total goals.

2015 Final Standings:  
  1. BSC Chargers (Switzerland)
  2. Culture FC
  3. CD Nacional (Portugal)
  4. Tokyo Lequios (Japan)
  5. FC Barcelona (Spain)
  6. Colosseum Roma (Italy)
  7. Shoreline Nomads
  8. Portland BSC
  9. San Diego Sockers
  10. Antioquia BSC (Colombia)
  11. Team Canada (Canada)
  12. Great Lakes BS
  13. Flying Kick FC
  14. LA Beach Soccer
  15. JBSN Select (Japan)
  16. CA Inter Tijuana (Mexico)

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2014 - CD Nacional wins their third consecutive championship in Oceanside after defeating LA Beach Soccer 5-3 in the Se

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