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Punta Hermosa BSC from PERU
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Lima, Peru based PRO Beach Soccer Club Punta Hermosa BSC will be present at The Beach Soccer USA Cup in Oceanside, California and completes the PRO bracket as the last entrant into the event.

Punta Hermosa BSC becomes the 16th announcement of The Beach Soccer USA Cup, they are also our 10th International Team and they are our 3rd South American Team joining the PRO event. Peru becomes the 14th nation to officially field a professional team joining: Senegal, Japan, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Tahiti, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and Brazil as the other nations to participate at The Beach Soccer USA Cup.

Punta Hermosa BSC is sponsored by a group of Bitcoin entrepreneurs and Golati Sports out of Hackensack, New Jersey. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography and operates independently of a central bank. Golati Sports is a soccer apparel and fashion house that creates stunning modern designs favored by active people.

Punta Hermosa BSC joins the event with their sights set firmly on making an impact in Oceanside and challenging for the title, the team recently conquered the Metropolitano de Futbol Playa tournament in Peru and they are ready for California.

Punta Hermosa BSC is no stranger to competition, they come to Oceanside with plenty of talent and among them are 8 Peruvian Beach Soccer National Team players most of whom have played with Punta Hermosa BSC for many years and hail from the beach town of Punta Hermosa located south of the Peruvian capital.

Punta Hermosa BSC - Highlights of their Championship at The Metropolitano de Futbol Playa in Lima, Peru

The Beach Soccer USA Cup and everyone in Oceanside extends a warm welcome to our friends from Punta Hermosa BSC and we wish them the best of luck at this year's highly competitive PRO event celebrating it's 10th year anniversary.

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OCEANSIDE, CA. MAY 13-14, 15, 2016. (Only PRO Teams play on May 13)

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Photo Credit: Beach Soccer Worldwide & Conmebol.

Stay updated, Register for our Beach Soccer Newsletter - Click here to RSVP on for Our 2016 Festival.

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