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RWB Beach Confirms Participation
Registrations to our 10th annual Beach Soccer Festival is now Open. DO NOT WAIT, REGISTER TODAY.

RWB Beach will make their first apperance at The Beach Soccer USA Cup in Oceanside, California and will look to challenge for title of the PRO Event which is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary.

RWB Beach becomes the 12th announcement of The Beach Soccer USA Cup and our 3rd USA Based Team joining Portland BSC and Great Lakes BS as the other announced USA Based Teams participating at the Event.

RWB Beach will have at their disposal a combination of veteran and young talent that serve as a base for the US Beach Soccer National Team, the team will be coached by Eddie Soto who has been in charge of the National Team since April 15, 2009 and has qualified the team to the 2013 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Tahiti.

RWB Beach will have many players returning from participating at the Copa Pilsener in El Salvador taking place on March 24-25-26 and you can watch their games via Coach Soto will be afforded a second opportunity to further test his players 49 days later at The Beach Soccer USA Cup in Oceanside on May 13-14-15, 2016.

RWB Beach will likely be lead by US Beach Soccer National Team veterans Nick Perera, Lewie Valentine, Giovanni Garcia, Jason Leopoldo, Andrew Feld and Ryan Futagaki. The team will be among the top teams at The Beach Soccer USA Cup looking to be crowned kings of the beach. The PRO Event in Oceanside is shaping up to be the most competitive date, the following nations will be represented at the event: Switzerland, Tahiti, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Brazil and a few others which are yet to be announced.

The Beach Soccer USA Cup has for years been a calendar event for many USA Based PRO Beach Soccer Players, it is an honor to host RWB Beach and we extend a warm welcome from everyone in Oceanside.

REMINDER: All PRO games are streamed live thru our Media Channel at .. bookmark it!

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The Beach Soccer USA Cup will host many of the top teams in the world and many of them are available to be sponsored, here are a few reasons why you should sponsor a PRO team.

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OCEANSIDE, CA. MAY 13-14, 15, 2016. (Only PRO Teams play on May 13)

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Stay updated, Register for our Beach Soccer Newsletter - Click here to RSVP on for Our 2016 Festival.

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