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FUSION from Niigata, Japan will Join
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Fusion from Niigata, Japan will make their first apperance at The Beach Soccer USA Cup and challenge for the title of the PRO event which is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary in Oceanside, California.

Fusion becomes the 9th announcement of The Beach Soccer USA Cup and our 7th International Team joining the PRO event.

Fusion is a new professional beach soccer club in Japan and recently participated in the 8th Annual Kin Town Mayor Cup on March 6, 2016. Fusion will play in the Japanese National Beach Soccer League this year as well as participate in other national events and at The Beach Soccer USA Cup this coming May in Oceanside, California.

Fusion brings to Oceanside an impressive roster with Japan's national team captain Ozu Moreira, he is joined by national teammate Goto Takashikai who in 2015 won the Golden Toe Award with 15 goals at The Beach Soccer USA Cup in Oceanside. Fusion will also count with the services of former Japan Beach Soccer National Team player Yamaga Yoshimitsuki, in goal they will have Shota Konno who played for JBSN Select in 2015 at The Beach Soccer USA Cup and they will be accompanied by a cast of excellent players whom are ready to challenge for the title in Oceanside at the PRO Event.

Click here to WATCH the entire 2015 playlist, every goal of The Beach Soccer USA Cup - 2015 in Oceanside, CA

The Japan Football Association recently announced the squad that will participate in the national team camp in in Brazil from March 18 to March 27. Fusion will have Ozu Moreira & Goto Takasuke join the Japanese Beach Soccer National Team and Dorsole Kitakyushu will have Goto Masato, Akaguma Takuya & Oba Takaaki in the same national squad.

The Beach Soccer USA Cup has a strong relationship with our good friends from Japan, we have had the honor of hosting at least 1 Japanese team since 2010, in 2015 we hosted 2 Japanese teams with JBSN Select and Tokyo Lequios. We believe strongly in the partnership we have with the Japenese Beach Soccer Clubs and we want to extend a warm welcome to our friends from Fusion on behalf of everyone in Oceanside, California.

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The Beach Soccer USA Cup will host many of the top teams in the world and many of them are available to be sponsored, here are a few reasons why you should sponsor a PRO team.

PRO Team Sponsorship Benefits:
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  2. One Practice at the beach for your youth team of choice and your sponsored PRO Team
  3. One Dinner with your youth team of choice & your sponsorsed PRO Team (paid for by Sponsor)
  4. Promotion of your company on your sponsored PRO Team's uniform on our live video feed at
  5. Countless photos, autographs & memories for your youth team of choice
  6. The satisfaction that you helped make The Beach Soccer USA Cup become another success
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OCEANSIDE, CA. MAY 13-14, 15, 2016. (Only PRO Teams play on May 13)

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Photo credit: Fusion

Stay updated, Register for our Beach Soccer Newsletter - Click here to RSVP on for Our 2016 Festival.

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